Your Body Is Begging for Variety!

When it comes to exercising most people stick to what they're good at. It's just easier that way. And more comfortable. And less to think about. 

BUT when it comes to exercising and moving your body it's the wrong thing to do. 

Putting your body through the same movement pattern over and over again (I'm especially looking at you runners and walkers) is not good for it at all! Humans were made to MOVE! To jump, swing, crawl, zig, zag, and more! We were not made to move in one pattern over and over again. When we do stick to one type of exercise (whether that be running, or zumba, or strength training, or whatever you do more than 3 times a week) we can create problems and injuries for ourselves. 

Here are 5 Reasons Why You Need to Include Variety in Your Workouts

1. Helps Prevent Plateauing 

Your body is super smart and adaptable, and if you are going out walking 4 or 5 nights a week thinking it will help you tone up or lose weight, unfortunately you're wrong because your body is going to get better at walking your route over time (about 4-8 weeks) AND will therefore use less calories to complete it. Same thing for any exercise - the more you do it, the better your body gets at doing it, and the less calories it burns. So after awhile the walk that used to be a challenge, won't be as much as a challenge and will burn less calories and lead to your body plateauing. 

2. Reduces Your Risk of Injury 

Repeating the same movement patterns over and over again creates the same wear and tear over and over again. However, if you are moving your body in many different ways (forward, backward, side to side) you are more evenly distributing the wear and tear amongst different muscles. This helps you prevent muscular imbalances and injuries that can come from too much repetition. 

3. Increase Weight Loss

Going back to #1 - your body is super smart. So when you change up your exercise routine you are keeping your body guessing which makes it work harder which causes your body to burn more calories. 

4. Provides Greater Overall Muscular Strength 

We are more than just quads - that is what I always want to say when I see a workout program focused entirely on squats. Yes, basic squats are a beneficial exercise HOWEVER there are SO many other exercises that work SO many other muscles in your body! What about your inner and outer thighs (abductors and adductors)? What about your hamstrings and glutes? Same thing goes for people obsessed with core work - I always want to tell them "there is more to you than just your core"! 

When you provide variety in your workouts and exercises you are going to spread out the benefits to all of your muscle groups which is much more important and beneficial in the long term.

5. Improved Total Fitness

If you're reading this you are most likely not a professional athlete (if you are that is super cool and please email me so we can connect!). And if you're not a professional athlete you are most likely not training for a specific exercise (like kicking or catching a ball) - most likely you are exercising to feel better overall. And doing one workout over and over again isn't going to improve your entire body and fitness level - for example, just weight training isn't going to improve your cardiovascular health, on the flip side, just doing cardio isn't going to improve your muscular strength. 

To become fitter overall (which includes better strength, stamina, endurance, balance and flexibility) it's incredibly important to mix up your workouts. 

All of these are darn good reasons to include variety in your workouts! 

Which is exactly what Grounded Warrior's workout programs are designed to do. 

When we create our workout programs we focus on providing the best workouts to challenge and strengthen the entire human body in many different ways. That's why our Total Body Conditioning workouts have both strength and cardio, and if you are Committed (L2) or Empowered (L3) you have access to FOUR (that's right, 4) workouts every week that include Total Body Conditioning + Cardio + Strength + Yoga. We believe in providing variety so that our members feel their best!

So, if you are not adding variety to your workouts and unsure how to do so - become a Grounded Warrior today! Best part? You can try us for 8 days for FREE to see and feel the difference that variety provides first hand.