Why I Prioritize Exercising

I don't prioritize exercising just because of the physical and health benefits. I don't do it just to help me fit into my favorite pair of jeans and so a flight of stairs doesn't wind me. 

I prioritize exercise because it: 

Wakes me up 
Energizes me 
Clears my head
Connects me to my true self
Boosts my attitude
Improves my mindset
Makes me feel stronger 
Helps me think bigger
Helps me solve problems 
Gives me confidence
And so much more

Sometimes I have to remind myself of this list when I'm tired, or it's cold out, or I just don't feel like exercising. And whenever I pause and check in with how I'm feeling and think about the many ways exercising helps me feel better, I realize that IT'S WORTH IT. That I'm worth it. 

Then I do it. I start a Grounded Warrior Cardio or Strength workout video and I find that after a couple of minutes I already feel better and most importantly - I WANT to keep going. After a couple minutes I find that exercising has already worked it's magic and I am happy that I'm exercising and don't want to stop. 

So, question for YOU :: How do YOU feel after you exercise?? How does exercising help YOU feel better? Let me know!



And if you're currently exercising less than once a week and looking to get back in the groove - join my: 


Dates: 1/21 - 2/3/18

Program Guidelines: 

1. Take a quick survey to provide your info 
2. Sign up for a FREE Month of Grounded Warrior and join a special 2 Week Study Facebook Group 
3. Exercise using a Grounded Warrior workout video at least 10 times over the 14 day study - minimum workout time: 10 mins! 
4. Check in every night filling out a short survey in the Facebook Group
5. Fill out a final survey at the very end 

That's it!! 

As a participant: 

  • You'll have access to short and sweaty workouts you can do anywhere and anytime with little to no equipment 
  • You'll receive daily inspiration 
  • You'll be able to ask me (a certified personal trainer, yoga teacher, Reiki Master and more) questions! 
  • Most of all - you'll get the JUMP START you need to re-focus on your health and wellness! 

INTERESTED IN JOINING?! Email me at Erin @ GroundedWarrior.com.