The 5 Most Important At-Home-Workout Items

You don't need a lot to workout from home. In fact, 3 of our workouts (Total Body Conditioning, Cardio and Yoga) don't require ANY equipment. But if you are looking to make working out from home even better and more effective here are our 5 suggestions for you: 

1. Light Weights: 2 or 3 pound Weights

Small weights are great for doing lots of repetitions (Pilates and Barre style) for exercises like lateral shoulder lifts, overhead presses and tricep extensions! They are also awesome to add to cardio exercises like punching and jumping jacks (obviously be safe!). Finally, small weights are also great because they are small and don't take up a lot of room but they are still effective and helpful. 

2. Medium Weights: 5 pound Weights

These are probably the most important exercise equipment especially for at home workouts with Grounded Warrior. Five pounds isn't too much but it's enough to really feel the burn after a moderate amount of repetitions. That being said, if they are too light for you, try 8 pounds as your medium weights! Once again, not too much but just enough to help you build muscle, burn fat and become stronger! 

PS - Don't worry, just because you're using weights does not mean you are going to bulk up! That is not going to happen unless you have a ton of testosterone in your body. Weightlifting is good for us ladies and can help you tone up, look better and feel stronger. 

3. Resistance Bands like these

Can you guess what these provide? Resistance! Seriously though, they may look small and flimsy BUT they are the total opposite and there is SO much you can do with resistance bands to help you exercise! I love them for making bicycle crunches more challenging, for strengthening my outer legs, hips and glutes and so much more! Once again they are also great because they are small and easy to store and even good to take with you on vacation!

4. Yoga Mat 

There are so many options but we love personally love Gaiam for being inexpensive and a great size, feel, and amount of cushion support. 

In general a yoga mat is one of the most useful exercise tools you can have anywhere! They are not just for yoga. They are good for all different types of workouts as they provide support and a stable surface to workout on. Plus they help protect the floor underneath you and soften sounds.

5. Yoga Blocks & Strap

Finally, Yoga Blocks are not only extremely helpful for yoga practice and balancing, but they can also be used to help you strengthen and challenge yourself in other exercises like squats and push-ups. Straps are equally as useful because they help you stretch and can also be added to core exercises like leg lifts! 

Oh, and if you want to be organized you can get a small basket or tote to store all of your workout equipment in so that you know exactly where it is and don't have to waste time searching for straps or small weights.

Overall, our Grounded Warrior workouts don't require a lot of workout equipment (they are designed that way) but if you are looking to create your own at-home workout space these 5 items should be on your list! Best part? If you were to get all of this it would only cost about $50 and you'd be set for a lifetime of awesome workouts where and when it's right for you. 

That is the Grounded Warrior way!