10 Minutes - Better Than Nothing

One of our favorite quotes at Grounded Warrior is: 

"If you don't have ten minutes for your life, you don't have a life." - Tony Robbins

Why? Because we believe it's 100% true. 

Just like everyone else you have 24 hours in a day (that is 1,440 minutes) - and even though it doesn't feel like it, that's a lot of time! 

Now, take a moment and think about your day and ask yourself if you can find/create/carve out 10 minutes for your own self care?? I bet if you try hard enough and prioritize this you can find/create/carve out the time. 

And then, once you have 10 minutes set aside for yourself, you can use that time to EXERCISE!!

I swear this wasn't a trap or a trick. This is simply a wake up call that there is definitely enough time in the day for you to take 10 minutes for yourself. That still leaves you with 1,430 minutes! And while it's great if you can fit in more time to exercise, 10 minutes is still much much better than nothing! 

5 Reasons why 10 Minutes is Important to YOUR Health

  1. It wakes you up physically and mentally
  2. It strengthens your heart and lungs
  3. It increases bone density 
  4. It helps prevent muscle loss
  5. It helps relieve stress and tension 

TEN MINUTES is not impossible. In fact, it's more than possible - it's necessary to your health and wellness. 

Take Action 

Take 2 minutes right now :: schedule 10 MINUTE workouts into your calendar for everyday this week, and repeat each week going forward. Then notice how you feel after you've completed those 10 minutes. 

Remember, you have 1,440 minutes in a day - surely you can fit in 10 minutes to feel better and be better in all aspects of your life.