Share Your Goals with a Friend

We've already discussed the importance of writing your goals down but today I want to share with you the staggering statistic that shows how important it is to share your goals with a friend! 

A recent study conducted by Dr. Gail Matthews found that not only are you 42% more likely to successfully complete your goals if you write them down BUT you are 70% more likely to successfully complete your goals if you have an Accountability Buddy.

What is an Accountability Buddy (AB)? A friend that you share your goal with and then check in with every week regarding your progress. 

Sounds easy, right? Well it is. Seriously easy. And the best part is that it can significantly help you achieve your goals! 

So what should YOU do now??

  1. Find an Accountability Buddy - ask a friend that you trust to be your "point person" when it comes to your goals
  2. Be an Accountability Buddy - tell your friend that you will also support them and their goals
  3. Share Your Goal with Your AB - email your friend your goal and when you plan to complete it by
  4. Check In - every week check in with your AB and let them know your progress (be honest) 
  5. Notice how much it helps you move forward knowing that someone else is aware of your goal and your efforts!!

Obviously you still have to put the work in, but having an Accountability Buddy should help you stay focused and achieve your goal! 

Let us know how it goes!! Use the #groundedwarrior to check in!