Healthy Weekend Habits

FriYAY! Right everyone?! Seriously though, Fridays are the beginning of the weekend. And weekends are a blessed and sacred time where many of us relax, have fun and unwind after a long week of work and obligations. 

And it's all fun and games until Sunday night - when many of us regret our choices over the weekend and feel blah, gross and tired. 

So how do we stop the too-much-fun-cycle and create healthy weekend habits that help us end the weekend feeling good?!

Here's 3 Steps to having a Healthy Weekend

1. Don't skip your workouts - in fact, workout more! 

I absolutely LOVE starting off my weekend by going for an awesome run on Friday afternoon - it helps me clear my head, connect with my body, and sets the tone for the rest of the weekend. Plus, it's a super healthy decision which helps me continue to make healthy decisions into Friday night and Saturday! 

So, to have a healthy weekend be sure to workout Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Seriously, exercising each day will help balance out your splurging and help you stay connected to your health and wellness goals! 

TAKE AWAYS | Say you're.... 

Going out right after work, YOU COULD: wake up 20 minutes early and get in 20 minutes of Cardio (click here for our workout video)! 

Getting brunch Saturday morning, YOU COULD: squeeze in a ten minute Total Body Conditioning Workout before you get ready!

2. Eat more fruits and veggies

Another super easy way to make healthier choices when it comes to your meals is by eating more fruits and veggies. They are high in water content, are low in calories, provide tons of nutrients and will help you feel full so that you don't eat too many fries and dessert. 


My favorite way to eat more fruits is to have a delicious smoothie for breakfast with frozen strawberries, banana, spinach, apple, Greek yogurt and coconut water! 

My favorite way to eat more veggies is to have a huge salad for lunch with protein, and for dinner choose vegetables for appetizers (who doesn't like Brussel Sprouts nowadays?!). 

3. Drink More Water

Water is your friend; in fact, your best friend. So be sure to drink a TON of water all day long so you stay hydrated. This will also help you drink LESS of other beverages that are full of sugar and calories - I'm talking about soda and alcohol of course! 


Try to drink 1 full 8 oz glass of water every hour. 

Try to drink 1 full glass of water in between every alcoholic beverage. 

If you don't LOVE regular water try sparkling water or add some lemon or lime! 

Three easy steps that you can follow so that you enjoy your weekend without over doing it! Try it this weekend and let me know how you feel after. Hopefully, when Sunday night rolls around you'll still be feeling good and not regretting the weekend.