5 Steps to Keep Going

We've all been there - in the middle of a workout and considering stopping, slowing down, or giving up all together.

Here are 5 Steps to help you stay in the game, to help you give more, and help you succeed even when you feel like giving up. 

  1. Remind yourself of your goal.
    Ask yourself, why are you exercising in the first place?  Why are you working so hard? What is the goal you were working towards? Why do you care?
  2. Remind yourself that exercising is supposed to be hard.
    If you're challenging yourself, you're going to change yourself so you want it to be hard. You want it to be challenging, and therefore it's going to be worthwhile.
  3. Ask yourself if you can just give 10% more, or go just 10% longer, or even do just 10 more seconds.
    See what you've been holding in your reserves and use that energy to keep yourself going!
  4. Remind yourself that it's only temporary.
    The workout isn't going to last forever. You will go on with your day and the truth is, you'll have wished that you had done better, that you had given more. So rather than wishing that you did better or gave more, just do it and remind yourself that it's temporary and it will not last forever.
  5. Tell yourself that this is your one workout for the day (even if it isn't). 
    Tell yourself that your time, money, energy and focus are worth giving 100% and you aren't willing to give up. 

These steps aren't difficult BUT they are effective.

The next time you want to give up, or you want to slow down, or you want to throw in the towel, follow these steps and find yourself doing better, feeling better and achieving your results.