Excuses Are Like...

Yesterday I asked via Facebook what was YOUR main excuse for not exercising on a daily basis ... and I received over ** 20 Responses **! It was amazing to see so many people honestly share their excuses and barriers to working out. The best part?! Most of the people admitted that they realized their excuses were NOT good excuses and they SHOULD exercise! Some people even exercised last night as a result. 

So, I'm sorry (but not really) to say that - excuses are like a$$holes, everyone has them and they all stink. Seriously. YOU have the power and ability to work past your excuses and choose to exercise anyways BECAUSE you know it's good for you and will help you in countless ways! So next time you are stuck on a excuse - like being tired, having too much work to do, yada yada yada... remind yourself that NO EXCUSE IS GREATER THAN THE BENEFITS OF EXERCISING. 

And to help motivate you here are some of the most popular excuses busted by me! 

1. I'm tired - Exercising will help wake you up and give you energy! And it's free - you don't have to pay for more coffee or another energy drink, just get up and move!

2a. I have too much work to do - Is there ever going to be a day and time that is perfect to work out? That you have NOTHING else to do? NO. So just log off, shut down, and move your body. 

2b. I have too much work to do - Exercising will also help you work smarter and better by clearing your head and giving you energy and confidence.

3. There's not enough time in the day - We all have 24 hours, that's it. And you don't have to exercise for hours to make it count. Even 10 minutes can make a difference. 

4. I'm not motivated - Exercising will literally motivate you! Have you ever exercised and not felt better after? I think not.

5a. I don't like exercising - First of all, I encourage you to find something physically active that you at least enjoy a little and do that. 

5b. I don't like exercising - Second of all, sometimes we have to do things we don't like to do. Why?! Because it's good for us! 

6a. I have kids - To be blunt: your health is just as important as your children's health. Honestly. You need to be healthy so you can be around to raise them and it sets a good example. 

6b. I have kids - Also, so you're not going to exercise for 16+ years?? And then what? You'll have an even harder time starting. Why not start now?

6c. I have kids - Have them join you and exercise as a family - it's a win:win situation as you are healthier as a family and get to spend quality time together!

The bottom line is that you are better when you exercise period. And the more you exercise the more your big excuses will get smaller and smaller and suddenly disappear as exercising becomes part of your daily life. 

So, what's your excuse? Is it good enough to keep you stuck and inactive and unhappy and unhealthy? I bet it's not.

PS - I say all of this with a little bit of sass because I'm being blunt AND a lot of love because I truly care about your health and wellness!