Close Out 2017 First

As 2018 is only days away I understand the lure of jumping into a New Year - it feels good as it's a blank slate full of opportunity. However, before thinking about the New Year I encourage you to pause and close out the current year. What do I mean by that? 

I want you to: Catch Up + Wrap Up + Clean Up = The Current Year 

Think about it like this: if you don't close out the current year all of that baggage will just come with you into the New Year. Then, your nice and clean slate will be tarnished before you can even say Happy New Year! Instead of getting carried away into the future, it's better if you stay present and clean up the current year so you can fully embrace a new year full of possibilities. 

Let's talk about the 3 steps that can help you close out 2017:

1. Catch Up On :

  • Emails - Clean out your Inbox for real. Try to get it done to ZERO. That means none. Label, archive, delete - whatever makes sense - because all of those old emails are unnecessary for the new year.
  • Tax Stuff - Gather your important documents, log your miles and expenses, anything else you might need to do to file your taxes
  • Errands - Make the calls, drop off the packages, handle your responsibilities that you've been putting off so you don't have to worry about them going into the future. 

2. Wrap Up :

  • Projects - Anything that you've been working on that is not important for 2018, do NOW.
  • To Do Lists - All the little things you keep moving from one To Do List to the next - do them NOW. 

3. Clean Up :

  • Pantry - Get rid of everything that has expired and use this time to get rid of any unhealthy food that you don't want to have starting the new year. 
  • Closet - Take time to clean out your closet and donate any clothing that you don't feel good wearing or doesn't fit you. 
  • Desk - Organize and declutter your working space so that you literally have more mental and physical space to be creative and productive. 

Now this list isn't 100% complete - you might have other things you should accomplish and wrap up before the end of year. Whatever is on your list, use the next week or two to close out the current year, that way you start off the New Year with a truly blank slate.