CarolAnn's Success Story

Starting Weight: 148 pounds 
Current Weight: 136 pounds 
Exercise Schedule: 4-6 days a week 
Favorite Exercises: Skaters, Sumo Squats, Rows, and of course any yoga pose! 
Job: Full-time Nurse and part-time Hair Stylist 
Location: Boston, MA 

CarolAnn was one of the Founding Members of Grounded Warrior and immediately found the workouts to be challenging, motivating and rewarding. She had always struggled knowing what to do when she worked out from home which was the case a couple days a week as her schedule made it hard to attend classes or get to the gym. Before she joined Grounded Warrior she told me that she would often do the same exercises over and over again and become bored with the routine and ended up exercising less as a result. 

She said that she needed variety and external motivation to keep her interested and on track, which are two of the reasons she loves Grounded Warrior so much. 

CarolAnn's schedule is full and that's no joke. 

Between working full-time at one of the leading hospitals in the country as a specialty nurse, she is also an amazingly talented hair stylist that is in high demand. Plus, she has 2 cats and 2 dogs and a wonderful husband! 

Rather than de-prioritizing exercise and healthy habits though, CarolAnn does the opposite - she commits to exercising even more because she knows that it gives her the energy and stamina to do all the things she loves, plus it's a huge stress-reliever for her! In fact, she often finds that when she has a stress headache or built up tension a Grounded Warrior workout not only relieves the pain but helps her feel more clear-headed and centered. 

In the last several months since Grounded Warrior launched CarolAnn has been able to exercise more than ever and as a result feel better than ever! 

Most weeks she fits in: 
2-3 Grounded Warrior workouts 
+ 1-2 Yoga Classes at a local studio (sometimes with weights) 
+ 1-2 Walks with her adorable dogs (Mork & Mindy). 
She also does Weight Watchers and finds it very helpful.

We at Grounded Warrior know that everyone has different schedules, goals, and bodies BUT one thing is the same: we all have the ability to prioritize our health and wellness!

So, next time you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed and want to skip a workout, remember CarolAnn's story and her transformation and re-commit to your well-being!

CarolAnn says: 

“As a full-time nurse and part-time hair stylist it’s an understatement that I don’t have a lot of free time. Which is why I love Grounded Warrior workout videos: I have NO excuses to not workout! They are short so I can fit them in, motivating so I don’t give up, and challenging (but do-able) so I always feel stronger afterwards. I haven’t looked or felt this good in years!”

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