Ask Yourself These 3 Questions When You are Going to Skip a Workout

Do you find yourself skipping more than 1 or 2 workouts in a week? Or maybe skipping all of your workouts every week? Does it feel like there are always reasons to put off exercising? Hopefully this isn’t the case for most of you but if it is, don’t worry, here are 3 questions you should ask yourself when you’re going to skip a workout: 

1. Why am I skipping? 

Are you skipping just because you don’t want to workout? Because you’re tired or sick? Because you’re stressed and have too much to do? Because you don’t want to mess up your hair and get sweaty?

Ask yourself WHY you are skipping so you can be very clear with your motivations. 

2. Is it a good reason to skip?

Sometimes it’s actually best to skip a workout because you’re too sick or still weak from getting over a cold or injury. 

But if I am being totally honest, MOST of the time it’s not better to skip the workout. It’s better to DO the workout. Why? Because even if you’re tired, stressed, overwhelmed, and unmotivated, exercising will actually help you feel substantially better! It will help you feel energized, help you clear your head, help you de-stress and feel stronger!

So be honest, is it GOOD to skip the workout?

3. Will I thank myself tomorrow for skipping? Or will I wish I had worked out?

This is the most important question. Think about tomorrow morning when you get up. Are you going to regret NOT exercising? Most likely if you skipped, then yes, you will wish you hadn’t skipped! So rather than skipping your workout NOW, get moving and your future self with thank you tomorrow!

The best part about asking yourself these questions is that it will help you make the decision to workout (or not) more mindful and honest. Skipping just out of habit and laziness doesn’t do you any good. 

But, pausing, reflecting, and asking yourself these questions can help you determine what is BEST for you in the present moment and in the future. 

So next time you want to skip your workout - pause, ask yourself these 3 questions and then make the best decision for you!