Angi's Success Snapshot

This is my story of finally finding a solution to my lifelong struggle with my weight and yoyo dieting. I grew up in a family that loved to eat good food. Food was comfort and my Mom was and still is a great cook. I was always a bit chunky as a child but I settled into a comfortable 150lbs around high school. Although I wanted to be thinner I settled because I liked to eat.

My first big success with weight loss was in my early 20s. 

I bought an Oprah Winfrey book where she chronicled her training and completion of the Chicago Marathon. I was inspired! I used Oprah’s book like a blueprint and lost over 20 pounds. 

Soon after that I took a job in a hair salon while I was attending college. My boss, at the hair salon ran marathons and competed in triathlons. I could not wait to join her. I ran 3 marathons and competed in many sprint triathlons between 1997 - 2001. I spent my mornings before work running, biking, and swimming; weekends were for long runs. 

Despite all the exercise, I struggled to manage my weight as 2-3 hour workouts meant I could eat burgers and ice cream sundaes. Which was great on days I did 2-3 hour workouts. But on days that I didn’t my huge appetite did not serve me well. 

I tried many different diet systems at this time.

Weight Watchers, Low Carb, Weight Loss Centers, lots of laxatives, you name it I tried it. 

My 30’s were all about having my kids and the struggle with weight got even more challenging. After each pregnancy I held onto more and more weight. By my third child I had put on 20 pounds that I could not shake. I went to the gym and exercised as I could manage but no matter what I did I could not get the weight off. 

Counting calories used to work. I would log all my food and keep meticulous track of my 1200 calories a day but it didn’t yield results anymore. If it were only the weight, I probably cou

ld have settled into my skin and settled. But it affected every area of my life. 

I was constantly obsessing about what I should or should not eat. Getting dressed was a miserable experience. I never felt like anything in my closet fit or looked good. My obsessing over weight, food and body image was all consuming. 

I have three beautiful healthy kids, a great husband, and a very blessed life. I was wasting my time obsessing about food and diets and  missing out on all the joys of the family I have worked so hard for. I was fueling my body with pizza and diet coke, snacking on goldfish and pirate booty. My body and my mind were in a very bad place.

Then the Universe provided! 

At my daughters Monday afternoon dance class I met a woman, Kim Aliprantis. You know how Mom’s talk while waiting for their kids? I shared that I “used to run marathons but probably wouldn’t be able to do another one.” Kim said she might have something that would work for me if I was open to checking it out. 

A week later I bought my first Isagenix 30 day system. I started slow. I wasn’t really into Isagenix at the beginning. I was afraid it was “one of those things.” I had a weekend away with my friends planned and I did not want to follow a nutrition system. I was heavy and uncomfortable. I watched every skinny person I knew to see what they were eating. Maybe if I copied them I’d feel better? 

After 5 weeks of sitting next to Kim on that brown couch at dance and accomplishing nothing I finally had enough. I asked her for help and this time I was ready to follow her lead. After 2 weeks of Nutritional Cleansing I felt really good. The weight was coming off; I began to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I did workout videos in my basement before work and the results were beginning to show. My clothes felt great, I wasn’t crashing at 4pm anymore, I had energy to last the entire day. 

After a few months I started running again. In October 2016, one year after I began my Isagenix journey I completed my first marathon in 10 years marathon. I ran faster than two of my previous marathons I had completed in my 20s. 

I am proud to say at 42 years old I finished with a respectable 4:32 time and my husband and kids were at the finish line to cheer me on. Completing the marathon was an amazing experience and one that I will cherish for a long time. 

But the real journey has been overcoming a life long struggle to maintain a healthy weight.

The real accomplishment has been that I can now share this amazing system that I use daily with people, just like me, men and women who think that their time has passed or they will never find a solution. I’ve shared my story with friends, family, and strangers and in the process I’ve been able to link arms with thousands of people as they pursue their dreams. 

Angi MacDonnell

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